Autonomous mobile robot

We are specialized in robot design and manufacturing through combined expertise in software, hardware and perception.

Our main specialties

Design and manufacturing

Design and manufacturing of new mobile robots and the development of own-brand robots,

Research and development

R&D robotics projects and special robot system design.


It is the answer to a predicted shortage of caregivers to serve our rapidly aging population. Veasense provides telepresence, continuous monitoring and tele-vigilance. Doctors could connect if necessary and make premilinary diagnostics. It's allows interaction with people in remote location and in a synchronous way.

Veasense the healthcare Robot
AGV the industrial robot


AGV is an autonomous mobile cart designed to carry a payload from warehouses to production lines in a wide range of industries. The AGV is used by manufacturers to automate their in-house transportation and logistics. Depending on cutumer’s activity demand, customized top modules can be mounted on the AGV to support different type of payloads.

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Mini Lab

Mini-Lab is a robot designed by professors for professors. It is a medium sized robot optimized for indoor applications. It was born after an experience over a decade in teaching and research in mobile robotics field. Mini-Lab offers the best trade-off between robustness and economic competitiveness. For a comprehensive teaching experience, Mini-Lab ships with pre-made labs, and can be simulated on both Matlab and Gazebo. Its control architecture is open-source and is based on the Robot Operating System (ROS).

mini lab robot
Veasense the healthcare Robot


Our robot creates an engaging space for attendees and delivers a captive audience for event sponsors. Event organizers can relax while Veasense2 handles all the details.

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